How To Write a Scholarship Application Letter [Samples]

How to Write a Cover Letter For a Scholarship

If you are not too sure about writing your scholarship application letter perfectly then this post is for you. There is a perfect approach to writing an impressive scholarship application letter. Sometimes, it helps to go over samples of scholarship application letters online so that you can have an idea of how your own letter should be arranged and drafted. But since you can not copy samples word for word, there is a need to be familiar with the structural basis of writing a killer application letter for scholarship.

So in this post, we will discuss in detail what exactly is a scholarship application letter as well as the important information it should entail. We will also look into the things to include and what not to include in a scholarship application letter. So if you are serious about writing an excellent scholarship application letter, now is the time to know what you are required to do. 

Introduction to writing an excellent scholarship application letter 

Writing a scholarship application letter simply requires the applicant to create a cover letter that shows one’s interest in a scholarship scheme and also telling how the award would assist such student in achieving his or her personal and professional goals.

If you are applying for a scholarship, the scholarship application letter should be something you should take seriously because this is where you are going to, not only request scholarship consideration but also attach other important documents by the University committee. 

When writing a scholarship application letter, your center focus should be being able to convince the scholarship committee with your letter that you are highly eligible for the award.

While many candidates find it difficult to meet the standard of an excellent scholarship application letter, it because a less difficult task when you understand all that the letter should entail when writing.

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Structuring your scholarship application letter

In my last post where we looked into how to write a scholarship essay, I mentioned that writing documents that have to do with scholarship applications must be done with great caution and professionalism without leaving out standard organization.

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 With your letter, you want to capture the attention of the committee deeply, and so, you have to adopt the best possible organization and structure in your letter. This, you can begin by understanding every aspect of the letter and how it should be written. An excellent scholarship application can be divided into three parts.

The first part of your scholarship application letter 

The first part of the scholarship application letter is basically about your contact information. This includes information of the sender and the receive. When writing, you have to include your name, street address, telephone, and email. This should be legibly written on the right side of the sheet or document. After this, write out the name of the organization, street address, and zip code on the left side of the document or sheet.

The first part of your scholarship application letter also involves your introduction and listings of relevant achievements. You should take this part seriously because it is the first paragraph of a scholarship application letter and you know that first impression matters.

So the two things you want to point at in this introductory part are your zeal and understanding of having such an award.

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The second part of your scholarship application letter

Flowing down into the middle of your letter, you want to express and show your reader more and more reasons why you should be chosen for the scholarship. In line with doing this, you also want to be particular about giving key details about yourself.

Let’s face it, the letter that will impress the reader is one that contains relevant information about the achievements, the role models, and the struggles of the writer. This is the perfect part to express your passion. The truth is that the committee wants to see that zeal you have for attaining the scholarship, this is what you should give them in the stage of the letter without sounding desperate.

The third/final part of your scholarship application letter

The final part of your scholarship letter is usually where the call to action lies.  As simple as it sounds or appears, it is a very crucial part of your letter because this is the part that will determine whether the committee will call you back or not. Be courageous enough in your letter to ask for a meeting arrangement and pass the impression that you have more and more things to tell them. Deploration of thesis in this part of your letter also works out fine.


Formatting your scholarship application letter  

There are actually two things that make an excellent scholarship application letter, the first is the content of the letter and the other is the structure or formatting of the letter. You want to make sure that your letter is readable and appealing. So you have to set the format in a way that tally with the scholarship letter format for schools. 

The right spacing for your letter content that is recommended is 1 or 1.5. just so you know, documents are easier to read when aligned on the left side, so keep it that way. And again, it is important that you leave double space between your paragraphs just as how this post is written. Did you not find it easy and edible to read? Tips On Applying For Scholarships

Lastly, people worry too much about the type of font they should use for their scholarship letter. Well, while there are some types of fonts that are not recommended, the use of fonts like Calibri, Arial, and Times New Roman has no issues.

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