Romanian Scholarships to Study in Abroad & To Study in Romania

Romanian Scholarships to Study in Abroad.

Stay connected with the ongoing scholarship programs in Romania by visiting our site regularly. It is a common fact that this scholarship turned out to be one of the most publicized scholarship openings by renowned research institutes, universities, NGOs, and even the government and they are making the opportunities available for a number of applicants.

Education in Romania

In Romania higher education is provided by universities, institutes, study academies, schools of higher education, and other similar establishments, collectively referred to as higher education institutions (HEIs) or universities.

HEIs can be state-owned or private; they are non-profit, apolitical in nature, and focused on the public interest. Romania has a central government office that authorizes and approves educational institutions.

The Romanian Ministry of Education is the national institution to which all higher education institutions look for guidance and report to.

Tuition Fees in Romania

Tuition fees in Romania vary from institution to institution. Usually, they are between €2,000 and €5,000 per year (US$2,500 – 6,300) depending on the faculty and the home country of the student. Medicine might be slightly more expensive, reaching about €7,000 per year (US$8,800) at some Romanian universities.

Tuition fees for undergraduate medical (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc.) studies in Romania: vary from 3200 to 5000 Euro/ year.

Tuition fees for medicals specialization (postgraduate) in Romania: vary between 3800 to 7000 Euros/year depending on universities and specializations for non-EU, EEA, and CH students.

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