School Resumption: Parents and Guidance commend Lagos State Govt, request e-learning infrastructure support for public schools

resumption of schools

Many parents of students in leading private schools in Lagos state, Including Imoye high school, Wellspring College, Alpha Soteria College, Children International School., Christ College, and many more, are glade with the state government decision to re-open schools again after series of various measures have being put in place to contain the deadly coronavirus within the state.

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According to some of the parents, about 75% of them expressed confidence that their children’s schools are COVID-19 compliant and are ready. While a few percentages of about 20% are not sure the school is ready. The above stats show that the efforts of the state government in making sure that the schools are ready and well prepared to resume during this coronavirus pandemic are paying off. And parents are glad about this; however, 52% of the parents and guidance want a new academic session to start sooner than later. They urge the state government.

About 59% of the parents surveyed and said that they got value for money from online schooling for their children, but the challenges they faced were many. They urgedĀ  the state government to work with various schools in solving these challenges which include:

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  • work overload.
  • lack of data, for video streaming.
  • feedback mechanism from teachers and performance ratings for the children are not properly done.
  • most parents said it was a stressful platform

The parents implore the Lagos state government to equip the public schools with e-learning facilities. An internet library for the students, training to skill up in the use of the informative technology for teaching as many of the teachers lack knowledge of such equipment.

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