Vienna International Post doctoral Program 2020-2021 (Fully funded)

Vienna International Post doctoral Program


Vienna International Postdoctoral Program invites applications from international students who want to undertake Postdoctoral research studies at Vienna, BioCenter, Austria. For the academic year 2020/2021. Postdoctoral will cover a yearly gross salary of 54,453 Euros, full health insurance, and educational support for each child that ranges from 100-170 Euros per month per child.


Vienna international Postdoctoral program is a three years post-doctoral fellowship at the Vienna BioCenter (VBC) that is opened to candidates in the background of biology, chemistry, physics, Medicine, Engineering, Computer science, and bioinformatics. The program operates under a two mentor scheme whereby fellows select the main research group and academic mentor according to their specific projects and are supported by a second mentor that can be chosen from the VBC research institutes and VBC biotech sector, our alumni network, and beyond.

Vienna’s international Postdoctoral program selects people whose projects have the potential to develop into distinct research lines and thus serves as a serving stone towards an independent career path. Interdisciplinary and inter-lab are highly encouraged.

Beyond offering an outstanding research environment, the Vienna international Postdoctoral program provides a structured training and career development program under the principle, inform, inspire, innovate.

Vienna international Postdoctoral program structured training programs encompass:

•Effective mentoring and career planning through two mentor scheme

•Coaching and mentoring by the Vienna international Postdoctoral Advisory board (VAB)

•A broad training program on research related and transferrable skills.

•Introduction of secondment scheme in the Postdoctoral training.

•Introduction to a diverse network of renowned professionals.

Courses offered :




•Computer science






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