How to Write a Cover Letter For a Scholarship (20 Examples)

How to Write a Cover Letter For a Scholarship

Are you finding it difficult to write a cover letter for a scholarship? Do you find it hard to even start from scratch? Well, you don’t need to panic anymore. In this post, I will hold your hands and walk you through all the steps involved in writing the perfect cover letter for a scholarship and you will come to realize that there is nothing difficult about it. 

To write a killer cover letter for a scholarship, there may be a need to really understand what the letter is about and why it is required. Since a scholarship cover letter is a highly helpful document that gives applicants the opportunity to express themselves as well as deliver details about their capabilities and goals, it has to be carefully and cautiously written in order to get the attention of the scholarship committee.

This is the letter where you will have the chance to show how the scholarship fits perfectly with your personal goals. 

The main objective when writing a cover letter is to sell yourself to show that you are exceptional to be given the scholarship. However, there is an organized way to go about this. 

Once you realize that cover letters written for scholarships can make or break your chances of getting the scholarship you need, you will be able to take all the information on this post very seriously.

In the spirit of impressing the decision-makers of the scholarship, there is every need to know how to write a clean and flawless cover letter for a scholarship. And if this is your first attempt, it is needless to say that you need a guide. 

Luckily, this post is all about showing you how to write a perfect scholarship cover letter


Writing the perfect Scholarship Cover Letter 

A successfully written scholarship cover letter can be divided into parts, sections, and paragraphs that serve a specific purpose in disseminating your information and message. 

You should be able to write a unique cover letter in no time if you follow the guidelines and tips I have for you in this post. 

The first thing to present is what needs to be included in the header. These include the full name of the candidate, Contact Information (phone number, email, LinkedIn profile) 

Similarly, and ideally on the right side of the sheet, will be The recipient’s name. An excellently written cover letter will have greetings, an opening paragraph, a middle paragraph, and a closing paragraph.


Sections that should not be ignored when writing a scholarship cover letter includes the introduction, history of education, previous scholarships and awards, work experience, and future goals.

The aim is to keep everything organized and well structured. I have written on how you can make the best organization when writing scholarship essays in this post HERE

Now that you know what a cover letter for a scholarship should look like, it may sound simple right? Yes, only when you have considered these writing tips below. 

Tips on how to write a unique cover letter for a scholarship 

If you want to create a unique cover letter for a scholarship, you need to put these tips at the back of your mind as they will help you avoid mistakes that may cost you the scholarship. 

The first and most important thing you should think of before and when writing a cover letter for a scholarship is what the scholarship committee wants. Before attempting to write the letter, you need to be sure of their requirements so that it will be easy to reflect this in your letter. Now the question is, what do scholarship committees look for in a candidate? READ ALSO: Tips On Applying For A Successful Scholarship

Based on my experience, some of the important things that the scholarship committee looks for in a candidate include:

  • Detailed information on the chosen field, candidate’s Motivation, and seriousness, as well as your Creativity and originality of the letter.
  • They also want to see that you’ve got this emotional stability and apt leadership skills and experience. 

Once you’re ready to start, put your name and address, along with the date, at the top of the page. Follow this with the recipient’s name, as well as the address.

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Another mistake most people make when writing a scholarship cover letter is that they don’t use the name of the person who will read your cover letter when addressing him/her. 

Personally, I don’t encourage you to use notions like “to whom it may concern” when you know the proper address of the person receiving the letter. 

Without beating around the bush and sharing no relevant point at the end of the day, you must start by reflecting and including information about your main academic and professional strengths. Do not dwell on your weakness or how you plan to work on them. 

Your letter should be centered on your plans for career growth and also reflecting prove that you are  an achiever

Whosoever will read your letter will also want to see that you give genuine and relevant reasons why you should be picked and offered the scholarship. This is the basis of everything. When writing on why you are the right person for the scholarship, you should explain more of your strengths in its entirety. 

Keeping your scholarship cover letter in context 

This is an important tip when writing a cover letter for a scholarship. The application cover letter should not divert from the main purpose of which the letter is being written. Ultimately, the letter should be structured in an organized way that fits the specific program that you intend to go and study. 

In connection to this, you want to make sure that you make use of the appropriate words and language. Your choice of words would be one of eagerness but not desperate.

You don’t have to make use of big grammar but keep your sentences grammatically error-free and well polished. A letter that is not easy to read or understand is as bad as writing a pointless one. 

Finally, the secret of a well-written scholarship application cover letter is one that contains keywords from the scholarship requirements or criteria. 

So when writing your letter, you want to make sure that you include your excellent academic record, community service, as well as your independent research skills. 

Do not forget to always go over your written copy before clicking the send button. Cover letters that come with recommendation letters are also good. I wish you success in your pursuit. 

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